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The trend in all signage applications from both a design and occupational health and safety perspective is for thinner, less space intrusive products. The Vivacity 3- Light Panel is only 18mm thick, which means far less weight and space when compared to traditional illuminated signage making it easier and safer to mount to a wall or other fixture without the additional cost of constructing bulkheads

Amazing Energy efficiency

The Vivacity light panel uses very little power for the light output it delivers (efficacy). The coupling of our LED light bar to the edge of our 3mm Light Guide Plate ensures nearly all the generated light is channeled into the light panel and not wasted.

Kind on graphics

The Vivacity LED Light Bars are positioned on the edge of our light guide plate and not behind the actual artwork. This means no heat is generated across the face of our panel. No heat means no warping or shrinking of the artwork

Change Artwork Easily

The Vivacity 3-G Light Panel can be supplied with a Snap Frame, Peel Face Frame or Hinged frame all of which allow for easy artwork change. Any transparencies or back-lit film can be used with the Vivacity light panel even clear film.

To find out more about these options and get our standard specifications please click here.

Options & Specifications

Low Voltage & Low Maintenance

The Vivacity Light Panel operates on 24VDC. Our panels are fitted with a high performance LED light bar, each LED bar is housed in a special AL extrusion for proper heat management to ensure the long life and low maintenance of our product.

Stand out from the crowd

As a visual product, the Vivacity 3-G Serious light panel attracts and excites everyone who sees it. From a retail perspective, the ability to attract attention for that split second can sometimes be the catalyst for a customer to purchase. From a branding perspective, all companies are concerned with quality presentation and representation of their brands, and having a quality medium like Vivacity is of enormous benefit.


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